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El Porvenir Ranch


A post office was at this location since 1896 and a hotel since 1893[1]. The original site was called El Cerro de la Escondida (The Hidden Hill) but was renamed El Porvenir (The Future) to make pronunciation easier for Anglos[2]. El Porvenir was a giant stone monolith nearby to which the name had long been attached[3]. (Or, according to Place Names of New Mexico, the monolith has taken the name from the resort.)

The original owners of the land were Martin Sena and Andre Montoya and another, name unknown[4]. In 1890, Don Margarito Romero bought 480 acres from the three, built the first lodge and impounded a lake. It had 40 rooms and a number of fireplaces. The dining room had 12 tables and seated 96.[5]

To this dude ranch Romero invited guests to board at $7 per week…he maintained rowboats and for pleasure trips he provided burros. The attractions were good fishing and the dining service, especially the great dinners he served on Sundays and holidays[6].

The original hotel, valued at $8,000, burned in 1903 and was rebuilt in 1905-06. Cabins were added at the same time. Regular meal service did not prove to be successful so it was terminated. Cooked food was made available to guests from a commissary on the grounds or arrangements could be made to have meals brought from Las Vegas[7].

A YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association) camp was established near El Porvenir in 1913 which in its first summer attracted 110 youth and adults for a camp-out of a week or more and had over 1,000 visitors[8].

 Romero died in 1917 and the hotel was bought by Louis C. Ilfield of Las Vegas he put in new buildings and furnishings. The hotel was bought from Ilfield in 1948 by William Salman of Las Vegas[9].



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